Mariea Antoinette, a native of San Diego, has transformed the Harp from a classical background instrument into an electrifying lead instrument in today’s Contemporary music. With the success from her last release, STRAIGHT FROM THE HARP – Special Edition that reached an impressive top 5 in Billboard, Mariea’s new single OVERTURE is now hitting the airwaves.

We would like to welcome Mariea Antoinette.

 JM: OVERTURE opens with stirring Orchestration Hits and blends very soulful Jazz with additional stimulating influences. How did you compose and bring this graceful yet electrifying track together?

Mariea Antoinette: In the words of my producer Allan Phillips..."The whole purpose of composing this track was to show that creativity can be limitless. I wrote the intro emulating a surge or a tsunami, followed by the crystal clear notes of the harp. Once the rhythm kicks in, most people are expecting aggressive instruments like horns stabs, synths and drum breaks except, my focus was to use the harp as the driving force of the piece in terms of rhythm, melody and harmony instead of writing the conventional angelic idiom that we are used to when we listen to the classical harp". Using these elements, anything can be funky... Mariea Antoinette's harp playing proves it!

JM: When you put OVERTURE together, if you could make one statement about this track, what would it be?

Mariea Antoinette - OvertureMA: The Overture establishes the Harp as a brand new powerful and soulful medium in contemporary music.

JM: This captivating new Single is from a new up-and-coming album. Can you give our readers a slight preview about this forthcoming CD project?

MA: It will take you on a journey, it will be groundbreaking and shatter preconceived ideas about the harp, even more. It will cause you to travel deep within your multidimensional imagination, yet exciting, soulful, sexy and elegant.

JM: What was your very first memory of music? When was your first big moment when you knew that you were going to be a musician and make this your career?

MA: I grew up in a musical household, where Gospel, Motown and R&B music was played.  Growing up I sang in church with the children's and youth gospel choir.  The first concert attended was to see James Brown and Jimmie Hendrix, I knew then that I loved the stage, and the electricity of the concert.


 " Syndication"