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Burlington County

with_boy1aI specialize in private, personalized instrumental music instruction. As an experienced, degreed music educator of some thirty years, I delight in teaching several musical instruments to eager, excited minds of almost all ages. I offer private piano, electronic keyboard, trumpet, and accordion lessons as well as music composition, theory, and improvisation classes. I proudly service New Jersey's Burlington and Mercer counties in the convenient location of my studio.

The typical "hit-or-miss, cookie-cutter" system of using a singular "one-size-fits-all" music course series is replaced by a progressive, comprehensive educational approach using several cornerstone courses in conjunction with personally composed or arranged music. Assigning the appropriate practice pieces based on aptitude actualization and the fulfillment of the student's particular needs maximizes motivation and accelerates achievement.

FUN is one of the many benefits. It is always more rewarding and satisfying to practice what really fits. The results are spectacular. I call my teaching method "individualization." Custom-fitting musical material to the student makes for a truly efficacious experience. I conduct three annual recitals with an educational emphasis rather than a stressful performance agenda. The recitals are used as a forum to "practice" in front of a supportive audience.teaching_girl The importance of making mistakes is minimized or eliminated with the primary focus being practicing before others rather than having one's performance ability tested. Repeating to achieve a more desirable performance is permitted. Anxiety evaporates and relaxation while addressing others musically is attained. This generalizes to a multitude of life situations such as speaking before a group, making a presentation before a class, etc... The learning experience accomplished, approaching life as practice rather than as a chain of tests, is a milestone accomplishment.

Business Credentials/License/Affiliation: B.A. Music Education, M.A. Musicology

In Business Since: 1975

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