A Tribute to Elvis Presley

Finally a show that shifts the focus away from the smoke and mirrors associated with Elvis tribute shows….back to what it is all about: The GREAT MUSIC!

There is certainly no shortage of Elvis shows or Elvis impersonators. The Elvis that true fans remember could sing “It’s a Wonderful World” and make you cry. He was a man who took his love for gospel and shared it through his rock n roll. He had the magnetism of a superstar, but the sensitivity of a true artist.

Scot Bruce performs as Elvis, the way we remember him during his early career, followed by Mike Albert, who is superb as Elvis in his Vegas years. Together, they transport audiences far, FAR beyond the usual, overly produced Elvis shows to recreate the electrifying musical excitement of the King, in these gripping yet authentically based concerts. These performers are each one of the elite in the genre. It is rare that one gets to look deeper than the caricaturist-type portrayals that have become the vogue, but these two master performers deliver an Elvis experience with superb reverence and a purity that will give you chills.


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